Saturday, 19 January 2013

19 January 2013 - Scribble Jigsaw (Carla Sonheim exercise)

The sun is in the background for this one.
It's an exercise from Carla Sonheim's book
"Drawing & Painting Imaginary Animals"
which is a really fun book!
This is part of Exercise 7 - Scribbles Galore

Cartridge paper, Copic Sketch marker (the "brush" end),
watercolour pencils (dry) and Staedtler pigment liners 0.1 and 0.7


  1. Hello Francis, Thank you for the nice words on my blog. This is really a nice idea those scribbels. I have to try that to and make a face of it ;-) Greetings Anja brunt

    1. I look forward to seeing your scribble-faces Anja!

      For anyone else reading this - find Anja's fabulous 1001 faces project here

  2. I like the funny faces a lot Frances!