Friday, 28 December 2012

28 December 2012 - Pop Tabs, Seed Beads & Wire

Monique's pop tab butterfly provided helpful suggestions:
"Don't let your wire kink because it will weaken and break at the kinks."
"Go slow, patience patience!"

You will find Monique's many lovely pop tab creations on her blog
and available to buy on Etsy (including her fridge magnet butterflies)


  1. Love yout idea :) I am still following you. How many suns you still need to make before you get to 365? May i feature your pop tab sun om my blog?

    1. Thanks Monique! I am happy you are still following my projects, I'm still tuned into your blog too. Yes you may feature my pop tab effort in your blog - thanks for checking it's OK.

      I don't know how many I need to make 365 as some days I missed (like Easter holidays) and some days I did more than one. I still have some in-progress projects to finish and ideas for more so I think I'll just keep going, though maybe not every day :-)

    2. I´m glad you´re not stopping yet! ;-)
      Because I would miss your project ánd I like your company!

    3. Thanks Yvonne - I feel the same, I was happy when you continued zentangling (in colour!!) and like having your company on this creative experiment too.