Saturday, 7 July 2012

7 July 2012 - Native Flora

We had a beautiful sunny light-breezy mid-winter day today!

After brunch with friends I headed to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens
to photograph some native flowers - inspired by Jill's great photos
on her Flora Per Diem 365 project

Swainsona formosa
Sturt Desert Pea

 Eremophila maculata
Native Fuchsia

Eucalyptus socialis
Red Mallee Gum

Dodonea stenozyga
Hop Bush

Another Eremophilla maybe? (no name by this one)


An interesting shadow cast by

the drink fountain.

Bonus - on the way home I passed the Festival Centre
with Xanthorrhoea (grass trees) in the forecourt

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  1. I write a blog about memorial drinking fountains and would like permission to use the photo of the drinking fountain in Adelaide Botanic Gdns. I will, of course, credit and link back to your site. You can view my blog at