Saturday, 1 September 2012

1 September 2012 - Carlyn Beccia's Painter Pattern Tutorial

Small simple pattern used as a repeat element
It was made in a one centimeter square,
but in Painter the patterns elements are scalable 
so you don't have to start small, you can also adjust
how the pattern tiles horizontally and vertically


Using Define Pattern to create a seamless wrap-around repeating pattern.
As you draw out over the left edge the pen-stroke appears coming in on the right,
as you draw upwards over the top edge the pen-stroke appears coming in from the bottom,
it's a bit wierd but you get used to it.
You add it as a fill which is meant to be seamless but mine has a bit of a white line
Then using Layer Effects to alter hue and saturation
Finally, using my own patterns with Painter's Pattern Pen

I created these today with the help of Carlyn Beccia's fabulous tutorial
which was available via a link from her helpful blog
which was mentioned in her great book
"Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner"
which I have on loan from the library.
Today was the first day of Spring
(here in the Southern Hemisphere)
and a beautiful mild sunny day outdoors
but I mostly missed it - how did that happen?
I'll go outside tomorrow I promise!
I love making patterns! I've created a new blog for patterns


  1. I love it! Specially the blue one!
    I will look at the tutorials later, I´m interested in how this works..

    1. I think you will enjoy Painter Yvonne, so many options for making patterns and you're already great at creating patterns!