Thursday, 24 May 2012

"Thank you" to 365er's

Thank you to Gabi, Monique, Marieke, Ellen & Chris, Rebecca B, Cassy, Yvonne, David, Branka, Rebecca J., Heather and Jonathan for their enthusiasm and support, jumping in, creating and sharing sun-inspired projects.

Thank you to Branka for organising opportunities for shared inspirations via Facebook each week.!/2012/05/day-132-bolivian-pompoms.html
(at time of posting this list Jonathan's post is still on delayed release setting)

Gabi made her sun-inspired project back in February and Monique made hers back in April

* If I've missed anyone please let me know via the Comments box and I'll add them.

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  1. Thank you Frances, I had really fun doing your sun inspired freestyle zentangle :-)